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What is 4a Hair? | Hairstyles & Hair Care Guide for 4a Hair

4A Hair

All about 4A Hairs & Hairstyles

Learning the ins and outs of your hair is essential for a flourishing, bouncy mane, whether you’ve just started your natural hair adventure or have been rocking your coils for years. This entails determining your porosity, density, and, for many people, your hair type. Even though type 4a hair is uniformly tightly coiled, there are differences in how to care for each subtype.

The first step in learning how to care for your strands is recognizing your hair type. We have the information you need, whether you’ve never heard of the word “4A” or you’re seeking advice on how to take care of your 4A hair.

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4A Hair Type: What Does It Mean?

The first of the four forms of hair, the curls tend to be coily and kinky. Your ringlets are usually quite tight, but when you pull them out, they form a distinct S pattern.

Although occasionally coarse and heavy, your curls are also somewhat tender and delicate. Your hair is prone to shrinking as a result of how tightly your curl pattern is coiled. Although it is generally fairly dry and prone to breaking, the good news is that it does retain moisture effectively. Take excellent care of your coils. Don’t stress; we’ll deal with that shortly.

3C vs 4B vs 4A Hair Type

It can be not easy to distinguish your hair type from 3C and 4B hair. The curls in 3C hair are a little bit bigger and looser-knit than those in 4A hair. Additionally, type 4A coils are denser, and type 3C ringlets tend to be a little bouncy.

The pattern of the curls is what distinguishes hair types 4A and 4B. 4B ringlets feature a Z pattern, while 4A curls have a distinct S pattern. Compared to the 4A curls, the 4B curls have a tighter and less defined pattern that is a little more inclined and curved.

What Advantages Do People With 4A Hair Type Have?

Playing to 4A hair’s advantages will help you make the most of your magnificent coils. This hair type has several benefits. The advantages of having these hair type are listed below.

  • Your hair keeps a style nicely – Coily hair, in contrast to straight hair, has little trouble maintaining a curl. You may keep up a hairdo for days if you take good care of it.
  • You have a well-defined curl pattern. Type 4A hair is distinguished by tight curls that are easy to shape. This gives you access to a wide range of styling possibilities so you can highlight your natural texture.
  • 4A hair requires little maintenance – The most manageable hair type is 4A, followed by 4B and 4C. Dryness, frizz, shrinkage, and tangles will be the hardest for you to deal with. The distinct, distinctive curls in 4A hair are also simpler to style, requiring less time and less product.
  • You have a wide range of styling options – The styling options for type 4A hair men and women are essentially endless. Your hair can be easily stretched, defined, defined, and straightened. Anytime you want to try out a shorter hairdo, you can also purposefully shrink your hair.
  • You have a lot of volume – 4A hair is naturally full of body and volume. If you prefer thick, voluminous locks, you won’t need to do much to get your hair to look the way you want it to.

What Are the Minus Points of Having 4A Hair?

Type 4A hair presents certain difficulties, just like all other hair types. Even though every person’s hair is unique, this type is likely to have the following problems.

  • You have a lot of shrinkage
  • Your hair dries out rapidly
  • 4A hair gets tangled easily
  • You’ll likely suffer from frizz
  • your protective styles won’t stay as long
  •  4A hair is quite vulnerable to damage

Hairstyles for 4A That Work the Best

There are a few hairstyles we are aware of that suit your hair type well, but these aren’t the only ones you ought to wear. Dare to play around with your appearance.

1. Space Puffs

4A Hairs

Space buns for women having 4a hair

Show off your hair with these cute space puffs if you have them. They can be styled however you choose, and if you feel compelled, you can even add a few accessories. This hairstyle is so darn adorable on curlier hair types!

2. The Bandana Updo

4A Hair

Bandana Updo for women having curly fluffy hair

Use the ever-definitive pineapple hairstyle to throw your curls up. Then, add a bandana on the updo to make it stand out.

3. Haircut with Layers

4A Hair

Hairstyles for women having long curly hair

Consider adding layers to your hair rather than having it all the same length. Your coils get movement and depth thanks to them. Not only that, but they also help to reduce some of the weight in your hair, which makes styling and maintaining your tresses simpler.

4. Highlights

4A Hair

Highlights of different color is a perfect choice for 4a hair type

We adore correctly placed highlights in 4A hair, less as a hairstyle than as a hair color. They uniquely present your curls. At your next salon appointment, add some highlights to give your coils the extra dimension they need.

5. Voluminous Ponytails

4A Hair

Ponytail is one of trending style for 4a hair

For 4A hair, high ponytails tied at the crown are the ideal hairstyle choice. Gathering your coils up high allows them to pour over the top and sides for a stunning style that may be stylish or casual thanks to your natural body, volume, and coil definition.

6. Hair Side Pin-up

4A Hair

Hair Side pin up is the best style for a party look

Yes! As simple as it sounds, this haircut is! While letting the rest of your hair free, pin up a small section of it to the side.

7. Mohawk hairstyle

4A Hair

Mohawks 4a curly hairstyle for young girls

Mohawks are fierce, but this 4a curly-hair version is much better! This hairstyle is among the greatest since it is both fashionable and simple to maintain.

8. Pigtails

4A Hair

Pigtail is a refreshing hairstyle for college girls

They are not only for young girls! For a new, playful appearance, pigtail your coils into two loose buns. To reduce breakage, use gentle, non-tangling hair ties.

Hairstyles That Work Best for Men With 4A Hair

Below are a few hairstyles that guys with Type A, Type B, and Type C hair can adopt as a guide for what and how to style their kinky hair. To achieve the greatest appearance for your personality, adhere to them.

1. Contemporary Afro

4A Hair

Afro hairstyle for 4a hair type

For African guys, the afro has long been a must-have. It’s a classic style that complements the 4a hair men wonderfully. This hairdo is very adaptable for 4a hair men. It goes nicely with any outfit and works well in formal and informal settings. If you choose, you can also style the afro itself.

2. Flat Top

4A Hair

Flat Top hairstyle is perfect for boys having 4a hair

One of the most recognizable hairstyles for black males is the flat top. The flat top is satisfyingly tidy, with a finely shaped silhouette. The hair is shaped into a spherical shape that stretches straight out of the head and is all cut to the same length on top. All hair types will look good with the flat top.

3. Undercut For 4A Curly Hair with Design

4A Hair

Undercut is one of the coolest hairstyles for 4a hair

Men with curly hair and undercuts have a simultaneously strong, striking, and classy appearance. Trim your side and back just, leaving the top of your hair slack. When selecting short curly hairstyles, take in mind that you’ll be working within constraints that can preserve many inches of your lush curls and create forms that complement 4a hair men’s facial features.

4. Curly Slicked Back

4A Hair

Slicked-back hairdo for men

Slicked-back hair is ideal for taming short, curly, and wavy hair. You can achieve the ideal all-purpose hairdo by combining the slicked-back top with faded or undercut sides.

5. Curly Bob

4A Hair

Short 4a hair with bob

The recommended length for curly bob hairstyles is chin-length or slightly shorter. The haircut enhances and defines the features of practically every guy’s face, making your look more attractive.

6. Thick Curls with Fade

4A Hair

Thick curls with fade is the best choice for young boys

4a Curly hair men choose faded hair because it suggests having a transition from long to short hair on the sides and back, which appeals to softer-looking males. It is also among the short hairstyles for curly hair that require less maintenance.

Dos and Don’ts of 4A Hair Care

After learning the fundamentals, it’s time to get into the specifics of caring for 4A hair-type men and women. To be sure your hair care regimen isn’t doing more harm than good, here are some dos and don’ts.


  • Try out various products to determine which ones work best for your hair.
  • Do your best to stay away from heat styling.
  • Accept your hair’s natural texture.
  • While you sleep, cover your hair with a scarf, hat, or satin pillowcase.
  • Do think about wearing protective styles occasionally to give your hair a break.
  • Utilize deep-conditioning masks regularly.
  • When feasible, use a low-manipulation hairdo.


  • Avoid pulling or tearing at your hair.
  • When detangling your hair, don’t forget to start at the ends and work your way up.
  • Use the appropriate brush or comb for your hair type.
  • Avoid wearing too-tight haircuts.
  • Limit your hair washing to two times a week at most.
  • Avoid styling your hair with hot tools more than once or twice a week.
  • Detangling dry hair is not advised.

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