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Remy Hair Extensions: A Comprehensive Guide

Remy Hair Extensions:

Remy Hair Extensions:

Remy human hair is a term that is unfamiliar to many in the wig and hair extension industry. However, it is crucial to comprehend this word since Remy human hair differs significantly from other types of human hair. The term “Remy Hair” frequently appears when looking for the highest quality hair extensions, wigs, and other accessories.

Before searching for the highest quality hair extensions, one must be aware of the sort of hair that goes into their creation. To provide more clarity when purchasing new wigs or hair extensions, we will address some of the numerous questions about Remy hair extensions in this blog.

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Remy Hair Extensions

Stunning shades of remy hair

Remy Hair: What Is It Exactly?

Since the cuticles of Remy’s hair remain preserved, unlike most non-Remy hair extensions, it is regarded as the highest quality of human hair. Hair extensions’ natural appearance and feel are made possible by aligning and maintaining the hair cuticles in a unilateral orientation.

Due to their outstanding quality and affordability, Remy human hair extensions frequently rank among the market’s most popular types of hair extensions. Because the collection method for non-Remy hair extensions differs, the cuticle directions become jumbled, which inevitably causes matting, tangling, and shedding issues.

The silicone coating keeps non-Remy hair incredibly smooth. However, it gradually wears off, so while it might initially feel silky and soft, the hair eventually starts to feel harsh and brittle.

Remy human hair, in contrast, is gathered using a technique that ensures that the hair strands are perfectly aligned with the direction in which they naturally grew. This gives off a natural appearance, feel, and smooth finish similar to one’s own hair.

Reasons Why Remy Hair Extensions Are the Best Available

Remy human hair, which was meticulously collected, has numerous qualities that make it ideal for clip-in hair extensions. Remy human hair is silky, manageable, and tangle-free because its cuticles are intact. Because of this, Remy hair extensions are simple to style and mix in with your hair.

Remy hair extensions are of such high quality that they last much longer than other kinds of clip-in hair extensions. Suppose you want the best results and those guaranteed repeatedly (with little work! ). In that case, it’s worth investing in quality, as with most styling products.

Remy Hair Extensions

A pictorial representation of remy hair

Remy Hair Extensions: A Comprehensive Guide

Whether you’ve used hair extensions before or are considering getting your first set, you’ve probably heard the word “Remy” mentioned by hairstylists and businesses. We could make your life easier by providing you with an in-depth guide to everything, Remy.

Human hair is used in all Remy hair extensions, although not all human hair is used in Remy hair extensions. Remy hair is defined as being unprocessed and having its original cuticle layer. Consequently, it is exceptionally high-quality, highly healthy, and shiny.

Remy Hair Extensions

The above image describing about hair grades and remy vs non-remy hair

As you are likely aware, synthetic hair is made of artificial fibers. Humans are now able to produce hair in a lab thanks to the wonders of science and technology.

Costs decrease when the material can be paid artificially. Because it must be grown naturally on a person’s head, human hair is more expensive. Hair gathering is a process as well. If it helps, picture a woman sitting on a stylist’s chair.

The Remy difference manifests itself in this area. Remy’s hair is gathered in one bundle rather than chopped and allowed to fall where it may. The integrity of the cuticle is preserved when the accumulated hair is kept in bundles and is laid flat from root to tip. This ensures natural mobility and prevents tangling.

How Can I Tell Whether a Product Is Authentic Remy Hair?

Remy Hair Extensions

There are many factos to determine the quality of remy hair

Since both Remy and conventional human hair wigs are composed of actual hair, it could be more challenging to tell them apart. Some people will try to pass off non-Remy hair as Remy hair because the industry is not as tightly controlled. There are just a few ways to determine in general whether the product contains Remy hair;

1. Gently run your fingers up and down the wig, squeezing the strands as you go. Remy hair can be identified if it feels silky going down and tougher going up. The product is not Remy human hair because the cuticle has been removed.

2. Compare the color of the hair tips to the color of the roots (works for hair extensions). The color difference between the roots and tips will be considerably more noticeable since Remy Hair’s hair signifies that all hair is growing in one direction. However, because the hair direction is mixed in non-Remy hair, the color of the root and hair tip will appear to be the same.

One of the best wigs on the market is made with Remy hair. It can last for up to a year and is an investment. Remy hair is now one of the most excellent options if you want a wig that looks the most natural.

Remy Hair Advantages

Compared to human hair and non-Remy hair, this has many benefits:

  • The hair won’t tangle because of its natural cuticle. Silicon-based artificial cuticles are used in non-Remy wigs. The silicon will start to wash out after use, and the wig will tangle.
  • The cuticle maintains the moisture in the hair, preventing the dry wig appearance.
  • The natural cuticle, unlike the artificial cuticle, lets the hair move and flow more organically. It keeps the wig silky smooth, and lustrous.
  • Compared to conventional human hair wigs, Remy hair lasts longer. Even after several months, Remy hair typically looks good, although it needs more maintenance than natural human hair. To keep your Remy hair looking good, be careful to adhere to the instructions on the packaging.

The same as with conventional human hair wigs, Remy Hair can be colored. Remy Hair is of the highest quality but is also more expensive. So before attempting to color Remy wigs, be sure you know what you’re doing or have a professional dye it for you.

Evident benefits of 100% Remy Hair in a Wig 

Genuine Remy with intact cuticles can be categorized by softness and gloss and is the most sought-after on the market. Benefits of utilizing 100% Remy Hair in a Wig. Wigs manufactured from 100% genuine Remy have several advantages:

  • They resist tangling (thanks to the intact cuticle).
  • They maintain their volume and fullness for a more extended period.
  • Genuine Remy hair wigs tend to last longer.
  • They look stunning and are of superior quality!


Remy Hair Extensions

For taking good care of your hair, it is important to know about the difference between remy and non-remy hair

Is Remy Hair Made of Human Hair?

Yes! Natural human hair donated or collected from a single individual is known as “Remy hair.” Human hair is used in all Remy hair extensions, although not all human hair is used in Remy hair extensions. The industry currently uses human hair in grades, with 1A being the lowest quality and 10A being the greatest. The most significant types to take into account while purchasing natural hair are Indian, Mongolian, or Malaysian hair.

What Distinctions Exist Between Human and Remy Hair?

Remy hair is assembled and sorted from different sources, with the root and tip migrating in the same direction. No cuticle stripping occurs, and the cuticles stay oriented in one order. Due to the laborious process that the hair must go through to avoid damaging the cuticle, Remy hair is more expensive and seems more natural. Compared to NON-REMY hair, REMY hair is smoother, shinier, and healthier.
Non-Remy hair, on the other hand, does not have its roots aligned (Roots and tips not traveling in the same direction). Because the cuticle runs in both directions, a more vital acid is needed. It eventually results in hair with shallow moisture content and hair resembling dry straw.

How Is Remy Hair Graded?

Grades 7A to 10A is the range for Remy hair. It is simple to color and style, ranging from 7A, slightly thin, to 10A, the thickest. Hair extension suppliers developed a hair grading system to assess the quality of raw hair offered to customers. It’s to distinguish them from rivals who might have been selling hair of subpar quality.

Do Remy Hair Strands Shed or Fall Out?

No, not like your fluffy cat or your shaggy carpeting with a retro vibe. Our halos made of Remy human hair do not shed. Not all Remy Hair extensions may be attributed to us.
But because our wefts are well-stitched, the hair in the Sitting Pretty Halos is remarkably well-anchored. A few stray hairs are the only exception. However, that is expected. Even your natural hair occasionally drops a few stray hairs. But there should always be a little shedding.
However, whether you have Remy or non-Remy hair, shedding isn’t a problem. It’s more of a question of quality artistry. Wefts that are properly sewn only shed a little.

Can Remy Hair Extensions Be Washed?

Yes. Your Remy Human Hair Extensions can be washed with shampoo and conditioner just like your own hair. However, you don’t need to wash your halo hair extensions frequently. It would be best if you only misted your Remy Halo Extensions with water before wearing them for the first time when you initially acquired them. Wetting our Remy Halo Hair Extensions will allow them to absorb moisture and regain their natural volume. It is because they are factory straightened when you buy them.

Does Dyeing Remy Human Hair Work?

Yes! Since Remy human hair is 100 percent human hair, you can color them. However, we advise leaving dyeing Remy human hair extensions to the experts. Since, they will be aware of how to apply the dye correctly and what procedures need to be performed to get your desired final shade.

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