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Korean Wolf Cut: Trending Hairstyles for Male & Female Slay this Year

Korean Wolf Cut Ideas

Korean Wolf Cut Ideas

The Korean wolf cut went famous in late 2021; huge kudos to the Netflix comedy Squid Game. The Korean wolf cut, which has a natural essence and increased choppiness and texture, is still quite popular in 2022. Celebrities from the US, UK, and Korea prefer the Korean wolf cut, framed by soft, graduated layers around the face.

This type of cutting currently ranked first among the most popular hairstyles for 2021. Even in 2022, the popularity of this hairstyle is rapidly expanding. As a result, we decided to take a cautious approach to wolf-cutting this time.

What Does a Korean Wolf Cut Look Like?

The wolf cut haircut originated in South Korea and rose to popularity on Tiktok. Many people are interested in learning what a wolf haircut is. The wolf haircut style combines a mullet and the traditional shag. It has thick layers at the crown and wavy endings at the back.

The wolf cut, so named for its untamed nature, is a jagged, texture-filled cut framed by delicate, graduated layers around the face. The cut is simple, has jagged layers with a shorter front and tapering back, and is popular in South Korean salons.

How Is a Wolf Cut Styled?

Starting in Asia, this haircut has spread throughout the world. Wolf hairdos on Korean ladies make them look so alluring. As a result, this is currently in high demand worldwide. Even in Europe, this hairdo is currently in style. A wolf-cut hairstyle is one that modern women from all around the world regularly wear. The top two US states where wolf cut is becoming more and more popular among young ladies who live there are California and New York.

Your wolf hairstyle will be easy enough if the layers are cut correctly. After regularly spending two to three minutes in front of the mirror, you’ll acquire a flawless, full wolf haircut. The essential steps to take are listed below:

  • Keep it spotless and organized.
  • After lightly misting the top section of the hair with water, use your hands to distribute a pea-sized amount of hair gel. Alternately, apply a light mousse throughout the length of the hair and a texturizer to the roots before blow-drying the hair and lightly combing it with your fingers.
  • Arrange your bangs to fit your face, whichever you like.
  • Remember to style the lower layers away from your face rather than curling them inward to produce a face-framing impression.

Is it Easier to Maintain this haircut?

The low care requirements of the wolf cut are one of its best features. It is simple to style; all you need to do is run your fingers through your hair to finish. Use a sea salt spray or texturizing product to give your hair extra volume or texture.

16 Ideas for the Greatest New Korean Wolf Cuts for Male and Female This Year

One of the many significant hairdo fads popularized by social media is the Korean wolf cut, popular among celebrities. Do you know, the wolf cut is the most expressive and entertaining hairstyles of recent era.

Some of the most celebrities in the world have been seen sporting the cut, but it is thought to have originated in South Korea.

Loved for its effortlessly cool feel and purposefully unstructured finish, the Korean wolf haircut is best defined as a hybrid of the shag and mullet hairstyles.

You may choose from a vast selection of Korean wolf hairstyles, from cute and short to extended and stunning! It’s your best benefit to look into your aesthetic possibilities if you’re thinking of getting a superb cut. You’ll get salon-inspired ideas from these haircuts before your next visit.

1. Two-Tone Korean Hairstyle for Females

Korean Wolf Cut Ideas

Korean wolf cut for female having two toned hair

If you want a long wolf variation that is more suitable for everyday wear, a two-tone dye will help your layers blend in more. Just bear in mind that some additional maintenance is needed for color treatments like this!

2. Short Hair Korean Wolf Cut

Korean Wolf Cut Ideas

Korean wolf cut short hair

If you want to experiment with short hair, use this because it is simple to manage and carry. This is stunning and looks great on all hair types. You can also choose from various hair hues, like pink, deep red, purple, and others.

3. Korean Wolf Cut with Tapered Mullet for Male

Korean Wolf Cut Ideas

A trending haircut idea for male

Why not try tapering the sides for a more contemporary take on the wolf cut and a more distinctive finish? The hair will progressively become shorter on the sides and back of the head to give it a more structured appearance, but this will help you attain the required fullness and volume on the crown.

Although this is not the traditional method for the wolf cut, it was inspired by the style of producing a hairdo that commands attention.

4. Shaggy Hair Cut

Korean Wolf Cut Ideas

Korean wolf cut for female having bangs

A unique haircut that combines a shag with a mullet cut is the shaggy wolf cut. Short layers on top of the head mix into a curtain bang to frame the face in the hairy wolf cut style. So, make sure the lengthier lengths are wispy with delicate, airy ends that flip out for the best results.

5. Men’s Choppy Wolf Cut

Korean Wolf Cut Ideas

Men choppy K-pop hair cut

The layers, which can be jagged in appearance to give the hair movement and volume, identify this wolf cut’s lack of structure. This style works well on most face shapes and can be readily modified to fit all hair textures.

6. Short Wolf Cut for Men

Korean Wolf Cut Ideas

Korean wolf cut short hair

Most wolf cuts are medium-length, but the look is adaptable and can be tailored to your tastes. A shorter wolf cut will also look smoother and less choppy, which can be a fantastic way to get used to the look.

7. Korean Wolf Cut for Females in Pink

Korean Wolf Cut Ideas

Korean wolf cut for straight hair

For instance, you might show off your uniqueness with a hot pink wolf cut shag, a stylish layered hairstyle that combines the Korean wolf cut and the shag. This is an excellent approach to adding the wildly popular trend to your wardrobe.

8. Blond-Tipped Male with Korean Wolf Cut

Korean Wolf Cut Ideas

Korean wolf cut with bangs

A hairdo known as the wolf cut is nothing if not expressive. The cut complements hair textures and may be customized in various ways to express your unique style.

The tips of your hair can be dyed a vivid color if you’re a man who enjoys standing out from the crowd. Hence the hue will stand out, but it also draws attention to the layers in your hair.

9. Wolf Cut with Unorganized Side Bangs

Korean Wolf Cut Ideas

Korean wolf cut style for females

If you want to give your hair some fullness and bounce, this hairstyle is best suited for you. Your hair has volume and looks good with a wolf haircut and untidy bangs.

This cut’s fringe and bangs are adaptable and may be styled in several ways. Thus, based on the shape of your face and your personal preferences, these face-framing bangs can be either long or short.

10. Wolf Cut in Blonde Hair

Korean Wolf Cut Ideas

Korean wolf cut long hair

The blonde dye haircut for female is a more contemporary take on the mullet with face-framing layers that fall in graduated levels and more volume at the roots for a softer, fuzzy feel.

The blonde wolf cut can be readily achieved with hair products that promote a sloppy, shaggy style and meets all the requirements for the fashion trends of the 1970s and 1980s.

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11. Floating Bangs for Short Hair

Korean Wolf Cut Ideas

Korean wolf cut female having short hair

This style’s delicate bangs and dark hair offer the perfect feminine touch. Try this stunning cut if you want low-maintenance looks and favor a timeless, subtle appearance.

12. Subtle Blended Cut for Male

Korean Wolf Cut Ideas

Wolf cut for young boys

Despite being low-maintenance, the wolf cut is also heavily layered, making it a bold hairstyle. Choosing a softer, more blended version with modest layers can be a fantastic substitute. To avoid a choppy finish and to make the style more manageable, you should gradually increase the length between the top of the hair and the neck.

13. Male Laid-Back Korean Wolf Cut

Korean Wolf Cut Ideas

Korean Wolf Cut with pony

Wolf cuts are gender-neutral despite being popular among young ladies. Any man at heart a rockstar should get a messy wolf haircut.

14. Curly-Haired Male with Korean Wolf Cut

Korean Wolf Cut Ideas

Korean wolf cut for curly hair

This densely layered cut will be easier to wear if you have curly hair, which is a great texture for the Korean wolf cut male. This is a result of how smoother and less choppy the cut seems. The cut has a lot of movement, which the natural bounce and body of curly texture will enhance. Additionally attractive, the way the curls fall around the face can soften angular features.

15. Men’s Wolf Cut with Long Bangs

Korean Wolf Cut Ideas

Trending hairstyles for men having long bangs

Heavy layers make up the wolf cut, frequently distinguished by unkempt, unorganized bangs. Having bangs is immensely appealing, but you can vary their length and fullness based on your hair structure and intended outcome.

It can give the finish a youthful appearance and is an excellent method to highlight the face.

16. Layered Wolf Cut

Korean Wolf Cut Ideas

Layered wolf cut hairstyle for young girls

Choppy layers on top and lengthier layers around your sides define the layered Korean wolf cut haircut. The layered Korean wolf cut for female, inspired by the classic rock ‘n’ roll style prominent in 1970s fashion, emphasizes volume on the top of the head before getting thinner at the ends.

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