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Koichi’s Hair Evolution || Koichi hirose || Koichi Hairstyles

Koichi's Hair Evolution

Koichi’s Hair Evolution

Tell me if this sounds familiar! You’re eager to try something new with your hair, but you’re nervous about cutting it all off and starting over. Maybe you’ve heard of the term big chop before and want to know what it feels like to go through that.

Or maybe you don’t like the way your current hairstyle makes you feel, but can’t imagine having short hair instead of long hair! Well, this article explores the evolution of Koichi Okita’s hair from neatly combed back and short, to spiky and wild!

Koichi Okita’s hair

Who is Koichi?

Koichi is a high school student who lives in Tokyo. Koichi maintains his hair neatly combed back, but he starts to let it grow out more and more as the year progresses. He also starts experimenting with different styles, such as letting his hair down or slicking it back with gel. And while Koichi originally uses pomade to tame his locks, he eventually switches over to using a natural oil that smells like sandalwood.

The beginning: Koichi’s hair is light and neatly combed back

At the beginning of his modeling career, Koichi had just enough time to keep his hair neatly combed back. You could even tell that he was meticulous about it by the way he always reached up every once in a while, to brush it back. This is when Koichi’s hair was still light and a lot of texture could be seen in the strands.

As he continued in the modeling world, his style transitioned into something that was not as neat and waiver. The end result is something so different from how it started out; you can see how wild and free his hair has become over time.

Koichi hair evolution

Baby Koichi

Koichi has always had a penchant for neatness. His hair was never out of place, in contrast to his wild personality. He combed his hair neatly, with the fringe left around his forehead. As he grew, Koichi let his hair grow longer and longer until it became a mane of soft curls that he kept slicked back into a low ponytail at the nape of his neck. When he finally met Kazuma, their love took off like a rocket.

The two began dressing more colorfully, and soon Koichi’s hair reflected this change as well. It eventually grew long enough so that he could leave the ponytail loose and show off the smooth curl pattern on his head; however, even then, there was never a day where his hairstyle wasn’t groomed by some form of product–whether gel or wax–to keep it perfectly styled.

Childhood Koichi

From the very beginning of Koichi’s life, his hair is neatly combed back. The lightness of his hair remains the same from childhood through adulthood. When he was a child, he would usually brush it himself; but when he got older, that responsibility fell on someone else. When he was a teenager, it became more common for him to leave his hair messy; when he entered high school though, things began changing again as he started using gel to slick it back

Teenager Koichi

With the passing of time, Koichi’s hair has evolved from neatly combed back to wild and free. This change reflects not only Koichi’s changing personality but also his changing style. For example, when he had short hair, he liked combing it back neatly because he thought it made him seem older. But now that his hair is long, Koichi prefers a more carefree hairstyle.

The middle: Koichi’s hair starts to get wilder and free

The middle of Koichi’s hair starts to get wilder and free as he lets it down. He messes up his bangs with a little bit of gel. He also messes up the rest of his hair by playing with it. Now, there is not one strand out of place in his hair. It all hangs loosely around him. His hair is now as long as ever, reaching down to his chin.

The end: Koichi’s hair is finally wild and free!

In the last photo, Koichi is seen with a wild, free mane of hair flowing across his face. His hair has transitioned from neat and neatly combed back, to wavy. The variety in his hairstyle shows how much he’s grown up since first coming to Paris.

koichi’s hair change in different times

Koichi’s hair evolves over time as he matures. In his first appearance, his hair is neatly combed back, with a hint of lightness. As the year progresses, we see Koichi growing out his bangs, with an added wilder look. These two versions of Koichi show his transformation from a boy to a man.

why don’t people in real life ever use anime-like hairstyles like Koichi’s hair evolution?

Sitting on the bus, I noticed the guy sitting next to me had his hair in a spiky anime style. It made me wonder: why don’t people in real life ever use anime-like hairstyles like this? Well, there are some people who do, but they’re definitely not as common. I asked my friends if they felt the same way, but they said it would look stupid on them or that their hair is too short for it.

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