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Bixie Haircut Ideas that you should try

Bixie Haircut Ideas that you should try

10 Bixie Haircut Ideas – 90s Short Hairstyles We Are In Love With

Think about any of your favorite ’90s icons, and we guarantee that they sported a bixie haircut (a cross between a bob and a pixie) at some point. Back then, the bixie gained national attention for disproving the idea that only a mane with length and movement could be deemed attractive. You are mistaken, though, if you believe that having a short haircut limits your opportunities for personal expression. There are many various short haircuts available today, and each one can give your appearance a distinctive look.

Bixie may be the way to go if you’re weary of the same old pixie cut and want to try something different and creative. As we continue to look at these popular bixie cut samples, we are more eager to chop off some length and try this trend.

All You Need to Know to Slay the Look with a Trendy Bixie Haircut

This vintage cut has recently attracted the attention of celebrities and their stylists, making it the must-have haircut of the season. Learn more about bixie haircuts below, including what to think about before having one, styling tips, and how the modern version differs from the ’90s original.

What Exactly Is Bixie Haircut?

A new variation on the well-known and adored pixie hairstyle is the bixie haircut. A pixie and a bob, for example, are two stylish styles that make up the term “bixie.” It has sharp edges and is defined like a bob, yet it has a lot of volume and style like a pixie. The reality is that this haircut is the ideal compromise for folks who aren’t sure which of these two stylish appearances they prefer.

How Much Does a Bixie Haircut Cost?

It need not be expensive to get a bixie cut. In actuality, a basic haircut costs between $60 and $80. For this fee, your hairstylist will trim, shape, and style your hair. Your preferred styling is included in the finished product. If you decide to add highlights or fringe bangs, the cost can be slightly higher. Make sure to reserve a qualified hairstylist who is capable of creating this distinctive combination as well as contemporary and short looks.

What Sets a Bob Haircut Apart from a Pixie Haircut?

The length is where bob haircuts and pixie cuts most significantly diverge. A bob normally ends about the chin, whereas pixies are clipped closely to the head and typically don’t extend past the ears.

You can have the best of both worlds with a bixie haircut. It also feels shorter and has a lot more texture than a conventional bob. The “carefree” length and layers develop more effectively and don’t need continual maintenance to preserve their accuracy.

What to Consider Prior to Getting Bixie Cut?

Contrary to popular opinion, anyone can wear short hair, including bixies. However, like with any haircut, you should think about the amount of upkeep a bixie demands to decide if it’s good for you. Bixie haircuts are typically the ideal option for people who want something shorter than a bob but aren’t ready to commit to a pixie cut.

Your facial structure is another aspect to take into consideration. Your stylist will choose some lengths and layers over others in order to best complement and suit your unique face shape, depending on whether it is round, diamond-shaped, heart-shaped, etc.

10 Bixie Hairstyles That Make Us Want to Cut Our Hair Short

Are you sick of your go-to bob but aren’t ready to try a pixie? You can get a happy medium with a bixie haircut, so don’t worry. This fashionable haircut combines the greatest features of both styles, including the texture and airiness of the pixie with the bob’s feminine form. A bixie will undoubtedly assist you in making a much-needed adjustment to the way your hair looks. And below, we’ve compiled some of the best bixies so you don’t have to search the Internet for inspiration.

1. Bixie with Pale Pink Balayage

Bixie Haircut Ideas that you should try

Do you favor simple haircuts but avoid looking uninteresting? In this instance, add lovely pink balayage to spruce up your feathered bixie. Your lengthy layers and bangs’ texture will be highlighted by these rose gold layers.

2. Blonde Shaggy Bob

Bixie Haircut Ideas that you should try

This shaggy bixie is warm and sunny and is incredibly fashionable and adaptable. You can style this haircut to the side to make it more eye-catching and sassier depending on your mood or the situation. Alternately, maintain a middle part for a softer, more romantic appearance.

3. Bixie Bowl-Cut Hairstyle

Bixie Haircut Ideas that you should try

This bixie haircut demonstrates how adaptable the style is as it almost veers into contemporary bowl-cut territory.

4. Black Bixie with an Elegant Deep Side Part

Bixie Haircut Ideas that you should try

This side-parted bixie haircut with a tousled crown will help you replicate the style of your favorite actress, Kristen Stewart, if you enjoy sassy makeovers like hers. To achieve the voluminous, sparkling effect seen in the photo, use a texture spray or any other suitable style product.

5. Bixie with a 90s-Inspired Side Swept Haircut

Bixie Haircut Ideas that you should try

With a bright and airy bixie haircut packed with soft layers, relive the free-spirited, anything-goes 90s. Layering keeps the bulk out of the ends for a look that is full of movement and is ideal for face shapes like round, square, and oval. It has significant “vintage” vibes thanks to a side part and bangs that are styled over the forehead and down.

6. The Traditional Bixie Haircut for Fine Hair

Bixie Haircut Ideas that you should try

When looking for ideas for your new hairstyle, you are free to choose a long bixie haircut since it flatters all face shapes and fine hair. Curtain bangs will also bring attention to your appearance by emphasizing your facial characteristics.

7. Wispy bangs and a Short-Layered Bob

Bixie Haircut Ideas that you should try

With this refined, layered bob, you may add femininity to your look. Thick-haired women need soft layers to reduce extra thickness and make their haircuts lighter and airier.

8. Extra-Short Bixie Haircut with Bangs for Fine Hair

Bixie Haircut Ideas that you should try

Short bixie hairstyle for young women

This ear-length bixie haircut with side bangs for fine hair might encourage you to try daring hair experiments if you’re not afraid of boyish hairstyles. Consider the beautiful Anne Hathaway, who sports a short pixie hairstyle and appears really feminine and appealing.

9. Blended Layers on a Wavy Bixie

Bixie Haircut Ideas that you should try

This short, curly, bixie cut is really cute! A pixie bob is one of the sassiest and cutest hairstyles, yet it also happens to be one of the simplest to care and keep up. You are welcome to wear it to work and then drop over for a cocktail with your friends later on.

10. Black Bixie with Platinum Blonde Bangs

Bixie Haircut Ideas that you should try

For people who prefer to experiment with everyday styling, a bixie haircut offers a variety of styling alternatives. Remember that layered curtain bangs best complement the choppiness of the pixie cut, so feel free to choose the fringe.

Bixie Cut Tips and Things to Consider About

You might be thinking about trying this trend now that you’ve seen all the different ways a bixie cut can be worn and styled for various styles.

Read through these suggestions and tactics to make sure you enjoy the outcome before making an appointment at the salon for your bixie cut.

  • Layering is Essential. In a bixie cut, layers “loose the weight” to make it light, airy, and textured. A blunt cut leaves too much weight and mass at the ends and won’t adopt the current bixie shape. When you have this cut, don’t cut corners or skip steps because the bixie borrows some aspects of the pixie cut, including layers.
  • Have the Ends Pointed-cut By Your Hairdresser. Ask your stylist to point-cut the ends for a wispier texture in addition to adding soft layers throughout the cut. By taking away some weight, this further lightens the ends and gives the style a more streamlined appearance.
  • Select the Proper Bang Length and Kind. Bixies and bangs go along perfectly, so be careful to select the proper length for your face shape and greatest features. For round faces, short, cheekbone-skimming bangs are ideal. On facial shapes like the oval, square, and heart, long bangs with soft layers look good. Oval and square face types look best with full, brow-grazing bangs that are wispy or thick. With this outfit, we also adore a fantastic curtain or bottleneck bang!

More Tips

  • Use Your Imagination and Create Various Styles. Even though the bixie cut already has amazing shape, there are countless ways to style it. Don’t limit yourself to just one; get inventive and rock your bixie in as many different ways as you can to diversify your style! This short cut looks fantastic with straight, wavy, and curly textures as well as all different part lines (middle, off-center, side, and deep side parts). For fun, original looks, rock a big blowout, adopt a 90s appearance, or feather your hair back or forward!
  • Don’t Take Shortcuts on Maintenance and Trimmings. To avoid the “grown-out” appearance, short haircuts and cuts with layers do require a bit more maintenance. Keep up with regular haircuts (about every two months) and take good care of your hair. Shorter hair can make split ends, dryness, oily roots, and scalp problems more noticeable. You can keep your mane in great condition by using a monthly hair mask and sparingly shaping it with heat.

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