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3B Hair: What It Is and How to Care for It | Hairstyles & More

3B hair type is known for its medium texture and bouncy, spiral curls, but to achieve its full curly potential, it needs specific care and upkeep. In our fast reference guide, you’ll find all the information you need to know about taking care of your 3B curls, including a description of your hair type and instructions on how to wash, dry, and style it for the best results.

More About Type 3B Curls

broadly putting, type 3 hair is undoubtedly curled throughout. According to Sears, people with 3B curly hair typically have a combination of looser spirals and springy corkscrews throughout, as well as several traits common to 3A hair and 3B curly hair.

Having said that, type 3B hair typically has pronounced curl patterns and a lot of volumes. When combed, this hair type puffs up and gets frizzy because it tends to shrink from wet to dry (similar to type 3C styles).

3B curls maintain their coil regardless of the tool or product applied, in contrast to 3A hair, which can lose definition and curl depending on how it is treated.

What Advantages Come With 3B Hair?

We’ll focus on some of the special advantages that the 3B hair type has to offer. Let’s take a moment to appreciate 3 B’s hair!

  • It Is Simple to Style. 3B hair is rather simple to style, despite its messy image. Your hair already has a lot of volume and texture thanks to the curls, so all you need to do is scrunch it up with some product and go.
  • It Is Adaptable. Straight, curly, wavy—you name it—3B hair type may be worn in a multitude of fashions. Furthermore, the curls are easy to shape because they are on the looser side.
  • 2B Type Hair Has a Lot of Volume. Thanks to the inherent volume that 3B curls possess, 3B curlies may effortlessly flaunt hairstyles that pack a powerful punch.
  • 3B Hair Type Has Bounce to It. As opposed to hair types with more curls, 3B hair hangs around once it has grown out. Contrary to hair types with extremely curled curls, it doesn’t naturally shrink as much (like 4B and 4C).

Choose 3B-Friendly Haircare Products

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when searching for the ideal products for your 3B curls. To begin with, make sure you’re applying products made specifically for curly hair. These items will often hydrate better and less frequently result in frizz. Use a thicker cream or oil to help hydrate your strands if your hair is on the drier side. Although people with 3B hair don’t typically have oily scalps, if you’re in the minority, choose light cosmetics.

  • When styling, use caution
  • Test out low-manipulation techniques
  • Keep Your Curls Safe
  • Using Moisturizers to Combat Frizz
  • Take Caution When Heat Styling
  • Trim Your Ends Often
  • Utilize a mild shampoo

Men’s Hairstyle Inspiration for Type 3B Hair

The difficulty is real, as every male with curly hair is aware. Most of the time, this hair type can be unruly and challenging to manage. We’re here to dispel the myth that curls need to be shaved off or that they don’t suit your facial shape.

We’ve compiled a list of the sexiest and most fashionable curly hairstyles for 3b hair men to show you how to complement your natural texture rather than fight it.

1. Curly Taper Fade – 3b Hair

3B Hair

3b curly hair for young boys

The sides and the back of the hair are gradually trimmed short while the top of the hair is kept longer. This creates a stylish contrast and projects a polished, macho appearance.

There are numerous methods to experiment with this fade, but curly hair is one of the best since it can be styled more easily and makes them look neater. The taper fade gives structure to your curls while also highlighting them and making them the central focus of your appearance.

2. 3B Tight Curls

3B Hair

3b tight curl hair for men

Many males have thinner, tighter curls by nature. You can enhance your natural curls by using a pomade or styling mousse and your fingertips to work the product in. Additionally, start off using a lower amount of hair product and work your way up to using more if you feel the need.

3. Curly Man Braids

3B Hair

Braids are favourite among people having 3b hair

3b hair men’s braids are edgy and adaptable, and they can be styled in various ways to match your personality and the length and texture of your hair.

Because it is so textured, guys with curly hair find that adding a braid to their hair offers an exciting contrast. Man braids can also shorten your styling time by preventing hair breakage, retaining hydration, and controlling frizz.

4. Fringes With 3B Hair

3B Hair

3b hair fringes

The thick mane of hair supports the curled fringe. When you style this variation of curls, you should be able to have a lot of thickness. Apply some hairspray to your hair after styling it with a glossy pomade to make sure everything is in place.

5. Bowl Cut in 3B hair Type

3B Hair

Bowel Cut with 3b hair

The bowl cut has returned and looks fantastic. The modern bowl cut for 3b hair men is full of texture and a little bit untidy now, unlike the sleek, flawless bowl cuts that were popular in the 1990s.

As a result, men with curly hair are ideal for pulling this look off. Simply request a low undercut with a lengthy length on top that sits evenly in line with your bangs if you want to nail the style.

6. 3B Man Bun

3B Hair

Top bun with beautiful 3b hair

The man bun looks fantastic on 3b hair men. It is another popular hairstyle that looks even better with natural curls.

The first few months of growing out curls can be a little irritating, but once your strands reach your chin or shoulders, they typically have a great wave. Choose a textured, slightly chaotic style to make the most of your curly man bun.

7. Beach Hair with Curls

3B Hair

Beach hairstyle for 3b hair

Beachy curls are perfect for relaxed days because they rely more on texture than a normal glossy style. Beach curls give more flexibility when it comes to drying your hair and applying the product, making them a wonderful statement hairstyle for relaxed males. Yes, you read that correctly—messy beachy curls look the greatest on 3b men’s hair.

8. Curly Bob

3B Hair

Bob cut is one of the most popular hairstyle for curly hair

For the sake of this article, longer curls that have grown out but are not long enough to reach below the chin or shoulders are referred to as curly bobs. There are particular lengths where curly hair grows out that work best for style.

Girls’ Haircuts and Styles for Type 3B Hair

We advise against cutting type 3B hair when it’s damp since it can be deceptive. You’ll have distinct curl patterns, proportions, and textures to deal with in this manner.

According to Sears, you can truly go as long or as short as you’d want with type 3B curls because they are fairly adaptable. She advises adding longer layers to longer lengths to provide body and movement. Layering heavily gives curls a genuinely classic shape and sophistication for shorter and collarbone-length cuts.

Looking for some ideas for your curly 3B hairstyle? Check out these styles for inspiration for your upcoming look.

1. Pixie Cut

3B Hair

Pixi Cut looks beautiful with 3b hair type

Shorter cuts, such as a pixie cut, look great on 3B curly hair. Give your curls a chic look—the pixie cut is our favorite!

2. The Half-Up Look

3B Hair

Half up hair is a perfect choice for college girls having fluffy hair

It’s possible to dress up or down with this timeless look. Start with defined, clean, dry curls (such as a wash-and-go or twist-out) to get this style.

Divide your hair into two portions, one above and one below, with your hands or the straight end of a rat-tail comb, and fasten them together with an elastic. To control frizz, apply some gel or pomade to the area around your front hairline. Then, brush the top section of your hair backward. After that, pull up the top section of your hair into a ponytail.

3. A 3b Hairstyle with Accessories

3B Hair

Accessories on 3b hair are a perfect choice for brides

Here’s how to easily upgrade your go-to bandana or silk scarf look: Leave out one or two curls down the side of your face, and use a thin oil to bring out your natural shine there. Nice, huh?

4. Highlights on 3B Curly Hair

3B Hair

Highlights can be a perfect choice for 3b hair

To spice things up, consider ombré, highlights, or balayage to add additional color and dimension to your look.

5. Crown Braids on 3B Hair

3B Hair

Crown braids are very popular among black women

This is a stylish and practical method to keep hair out of your face. Simply take the following actions to complete it. Start with styled, clean, dry hair. One portion of hair on either side of your head should be divided into two.

Starting at the top of your head and working your way down, braid each part of your hair. The ideal way to wear your hair is in cornrows if it is shorter. Three-strand plaits can be made if you have long hair. Cross the two strands over the top of your head after securing the ends of each braid with a transparent elastic. With more clear elastic or bobby pins, fasten them. Use gel or hairspray to tame any flyaways you may have.

6. 3b Hair Puff

3B Hair

3b hair are looks cool on young girls

Choose a charming puff-updo look! Looking for a straightforward updo with impact? Make a puffy hairdo.

7. 3b Hair High Pigtails

3B Hair

3b hair high pigtail with dirty blonde hair dye

Looking for a pretty and simple alternative to your regular bun? These high pigtails are perfect when your baby hairs are laid with non-crunchy edge control. Extra points if you add some scrunchies to complete the effect.

8. Headband Look for 3b Curly Hair

3B Hair

Bandana with curly hair look beautiful on women

Put your loosely styled type-3 curls into a ponytail, cover it with a scarf (or a headband), and call it a day. For a subdued faux-bangs look, leave out a couple of loose curls in front of your face.

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